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About me

Welcome to the Bloggers’ Handbook – The Complete Blogger’s Guide to Increase Traffic to Blogging.
I am Nelson and I’m an English Student and future Web Developer. English is not my first language but it has been my favorite language since I was very little so that makes my learning process easier. =) I moved to the United States two years ago because I wanted to meet my father and of course learn English.
I’ve been on the internet since I was a child. I probably have about 13 years of experience using computers. I’ve always been interesting into learning new things everyday. I taught myself the basic of HTML a few weeks ago and I keep learning. I started a blog and signed up for Google Adsense, and a few days later I could make like about 25 cents. Then I went to all the nearest libraries and clicked like one hundred times on my own ads and when I got back home checked my earnings and I had more than $350 so I obviously felt very excited about it. But unfortunately it wasn’t like that, so just three days after Google banned me for invalid click activities.
Thus, I realized that blogging is a serious matter. Now I feel proud (and happy) of myself. I Love what I’m doing. This blog has changed my life!
Things I like to do during my free time:
1. I love to ride my bike.
2. Talk to people.
3. Go to the movies.
4. Listen to music.
5. Read my books.
6. Write and think.
7. Drink Socially with my friends. (even though I’m not 21 yet. Hehe…)
Please keep coming back for future updates!