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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Writing In A Topic You Know Nothing About

What Should I Write About?

You might have problems deciding what to write about, finding a niche can be very frustrated and difficult, but don’t worry you’re not the only one. Most of us have experienced this frustration and you probably have seen a variety of articles talking about it; most of them are saying that writing about something you feel comfortable with can be the best you can do. Which I believe is true and of course it will make you feel happy about yourself, but this doesn’t mean that writing in a niche you know nothing about can be very fun. The reality is that we have many people out there writing in a topic they feel comfortable with but unfortunately it is not what they enjoy doing.

Believe it or not, many great bloggers started writing about things that they wanted to know more about. Just like me, when I started this blog I didn’t know much about the subject but the point was that I wanted to learn more, and I’m still learning.
I’m not a professional blogger and I haven’t been writing for so long. As you can see I just created this blog a few days ago and I can tell you that I’m having fun writing of what I am learning.

Now, if you already have a blog and you’re not posting to it very often, what you should focus on is in what topic you want to become familiar with, rather than what you should write about.

Here a few tips that I have learned since I started blogging:

• Before you start posting make sure you have good feelings about what you are going to write about. Don’t just read somebody else’s posts and then start writing similar ones, and if you do that make sure you understand and also make sure they don’t look the same.

• Pay close attention on what you’re reading and take notes even if you don’t read them, that will help remember more.

• You should join a forum; try to find which your topic is because it would help to develop your knowledge. There are hundreds of online communities out there. Many forums have introduction section and signature area where you can advertise you blog.

• Meetup is a website where you can find people of common interests; plan offline meeting in your area.

• If you’re planning on start a blog about blogging tips and tricks, you should buy this book! It’s an excellent book that I recommend you to buy; it’s based on the author’s own experiences. Darren Rowse is the owner of Problogger where you can learn from him (the professional) about blogging techniques and how to increase traffic to your blog.

Even if you are not thinking about creating a blog about blogging, you should look around and you will find powerful tips and tricks to drive traffic to your blog.

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